Dislocated Workers


Looking for a new job or career? Laid off from your old job? Workforce Santa Cruz County can help!

If you are 18 years or older, you can access our no-cost services to find a stable job or find training for a new career.

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Get Ahead, Get Enrolled!


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Build a better future like these program graduates.

“I found a career through the WIOA OJT program that allows me to be curious, tenacious, and creative while solving puzzles and building new solutions to old problems. It’s the most satisfying thing I’ve found in 20 years of working.”
– Matthew, Data Scientist & former WIOA participant

“I highly recommend the WIOA program to anyone looking to further their education and improve their lives. My case manager was crucial to my success in receiving my medical assistant certification and helped me during hard times. My next goal is to become a nurse.”
– Yvette, Medical Assistant & former hairdresser

“I had the credentials and qualifications but lacked the funding to get my nursing degree, and I almost gave up my dream. But with the help of Goodwill Central Coast and WIOA funding, I became an RN after a year and a half. I am grateful for the opportunity and support the staff gave me throughout this journey.”
– Denise, Registered Nurse

“The Transitional Jobs program allowed me to set goals and improve my experience in the workplace. I am thankful that this program has given me the amazing opportunity to work at Hikari Farms part-time while attending university to get my bachelor’s degree.”
Yuliana, Sueños program graduate


We’ll help you figure out what kind of career is best for you and offer customized services to individuals who have been terminated or laid off.

Here’s What We Do

  • Tap into our network to identify job opportunities for you to make the search easier

  • Provide access to career research tools so you can decide which job is best for you

  • Provide information about school or certification programs, so you feel confident that you are choosing the best program for you

  • Assist in identifying potential training and skills development opportunities, giving you the tools to succeed

  • Help you set up an account with CalJOBS, which is an online tool that allows you to search for jobs, upload your résumé, and apply for jobs within the tool

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