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Are you feeling like your job search has gone on too long? Do you need to develop the skills to succeed in a competitive workforce?

Workforce Santa Cruz County can help! Our Sueños program assists young adults (16-24) in setting attainable career goals, connecting to community resources, and establishing valuable and lasting relationships.

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Get Ahead, Get Enrolled!


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Build a better future like these Sueños graduates.

“My experience with the Sueños program has been amazing. The staff is very supportive and ready to help you reach your goals. I highly recommend this program to anyone looking for an opportunity to continue their education or work experience.”
— Gabriela, 24

“The Sueños staff are great mentors, always keeping me motivated and positive. I know I can count on them when it comes to the decision-making related to my personal and career goals.”
– Jonathan, 22

“This program has provided me with the support I needed to bring my grades up and be on track to graduate next year. It also allowed me to gain valuable work experience to get a job with Watsonville Public Library. Thank you for your hard work and dedication.”
– Luis, 17

“Being a part of the Sueños program has given me the opportunity to reach my goals, like earning my high school diploma and enrolling in a dental assistant program. I look forward to reaching more goals with the help of the programs.”
– Saray, 22

“Sueños staff assisted in helping me receive my high school diploma, discovering my interest in engineering, participating in a paid Work Experience program in Robotics & Engineering, and ultimately getting a job as an electrician.”
– Gerardo, 18


Sueños staff can help get you back into a job or prepare you for your first job. We’ll help you explore career options, prepare for the job search, and connect you with training or work opportunities that allow you to achieve more.

Here’s What We Do

  • Identify part-time or full-time jobs or paid internships so you can gain valuable work experience
  • Provide career research tools so you can decide which job is best for you
  • Provide information about school or certificate programs, so you feel good that you are choosing the best program for you
  • Identify potential training and skills development opportunities, so you don’t have to research it all yourself
  • Help you set up an account with CalJOBS, which is an online tool that allows you to search for jobs, create and upload your résumé, and even apply for jobs within the tool
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